Realize Greater
Calmness, Compassion
and Confidence
with Life Force Healing

Roland Piedad
Life Force Healer

Roland Piedad is an evidence-based Life Force Energy Healer on a journey to share his gifts to help people realize greater calmness, compassion and confidence through Life Force healing.

Roland Piedad is an accomplished Information Technology professional with over 30 years’ experience as a systems and applications programmer, security administrator and consultant. Since June 2018, Roland is transitioning from his role as Security Administrator of last 5 years at a non-profit health care organization to helping people heal and grow.

Throughout his adult life, in his spare time, Roland pursued various modalities of spiritual healing through Yoga, Tai Chi, and Moichi Okada Jorei; as influenced by his curiosity with Oriental medicine or healing.

In 2010, Roland first came across Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and the Trivedi Effect remotely through a live webcast. Roland then met Guruji personally when he came to Los Angeles and received a personal energy healing. Roland was drawn to the Trivedi Effect’s ability to transform and elevate his own human experience; and the documented scientific experiments on the Trivedi Effect gave him confidence that this was the authentic means for transformation that he had been seeking.

Mr. Trivedi has the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to living organisms or nonliving materials anywhere in the world. The energy performs intelligently and beneficially to the recipient’s unique needs, optimizing the recipient’s potential thus altering their behaviors and characteristics. This phenomenon is called the Trivedi Effect®.

In 2010, after receiving his first blessing from Guruji Trivedi, Roland felt rejuvenated and enjoyed improved quality of sleep, as well as, greater confidence in his journey of Self-Realization and spiritual discovery towards true peace and happiness.

Roland then decided to be an active participant for the Trivedi Effect programs since 2011, notably the unprecedented Trivedi Healers Mastery program. Roland also participated as one of the candidates in scientific research conducted to study the effectiveness of the Trivedi Healers. Roland also observed miraculous results first-hand in experiments with plants in his own garden or backyard.

Through his association with Guruji Trivedi, Roland attained the gift of energy healing and his biofield energy healing abilities have now been validated through scientific research and published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Today, Roland is on a journey to share his gifts to help people realize greater calmness, compassion and confidence through Life Force healing.